Analysis of Steinmauern

Die Studenten Chengjie Xiong und Qianer Zhu haben entschieden, zusammen zu arbeiten. Chengjie teilt hier ihre Analyseergebnisse zu Steinmauern und zeigt auf, wohin die Reise in Zukunft gehen könnte.

Firstly I’d like to say that we have a wonderful impression of Steinmauern, people are so friendly to each other and have a strong will to make it a better place to live. During my observation on site I drew a mental map looking at different street views.

My mental map of Steinmauern 

Back in Karlsruhe Qianer and I thoroughly analyzed the town and found the following aspects that we thought may influence the development for the next years:

  • The separation of the village into two parts due to the green strip called „Hoperwiesen“, which leads to less interaction between North and South. In our opinion, the central green space should infiltrate both residential parts, so people can have the feeling of living in nature, and being connected by the green space rather than separated.
  • Public meeting place is also an important aspect as it has a major effect on living quality. In our imagination, the people of Steinmauern can gather at several meeting points which are evenly spread over the different residential parts of town, next to more public activity points in the central natural part (Hoperwiesen). This may be a combination of wetlands, park, playground and even exhibition in the future.
  • Finally there is the issue of vacant buildings, some of which are not truly vacant but too big for single elderly people. Empty buildings could possibly be used for public amenities or infrastructure like a café or a supermarket, which offers more chances of interaction and communication. Single residents of large homes could share part of their space or transform the building into separated parts, one of which could be rented out to younger people. This could mix up the demographic structure especially of the old part of town.
Our analysis looks at age structure, green space, public meeting points, deviders and possible connections in Steinmauern.

Chengjie Xiong

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