Feeling from Steinmauern

Die Studentin Alina Muratova erläutert ihre Erfahrungen aus Steinmauern und wie sie damit in Zukunft umgehen möchte.

During the walks through Steinmauern I noticed lots of large green areas, farms and gardens. Working on the development of rural communities the first question that came up is how we can safe this rural landscape.

With the expansion of Steinmauern people seem to lose the access to open green spaces. As a result people focus on their personal areas and don’t spend free time outdoors. Today the territory is characterized by a lack of public spaces and dominance of residential buildings.

Place identity and expansion

When I walked through the streets of Steinmauern, I did not see a lot of people outside. Based on the movement of people today, I tried to identify potential sites where they meet and to activate those places.

Public life

To create public spaces I would like to set my eyes on connections between people of different ages.

Interaction diagram

The territory of the village is surrounded by a magnificent green buffer area. I would like to create green corridors and link them to the hiking paths that people could use inside the village.

Network of green spaces

I felt very comfortable during my research stay in the village, so I decided to concentrate on maintaining the atmosphere which already exists in Steinmauern.

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