Steinmauern-We live together

Die Student*Innen Chengjie Xiong und Qianer Zhu haben entschieden, zusammen zu arbeiten. Qianer teilt hier ihre weiteren Analyseergebnisse zu Steinmauern mit und zeigt auf, wohin die Reise in Zukunft gehen könnte.

Processed with Rookie Cam

During my excursion in Steinmauern, I found it’s a very peaceful village with its own character in different areas, as shown in the mental map above.

However, I noticed that there is a communication gap between the people living in different areas. It is less likely for the residents of different parts to communicate due to the lack of public meeting points. Sometimes I even felt deserted on the street because I hardly met a person. Therefore, Xiong and I think it’s important to create more possibilities for people to meet and therefore make everyone feel that they live together.



As the analysis shows, there is a generation gap between the North and the South. In order to connect different areas, we would like to create new meeting points between them. We also found it necessary to create a meeting center in the central area to combine North and South. It could also be used to accommodate some organized activities such as exhibitions or school activities. The other meeting points are more likely to be used in daily life such as a Café, Bar or Restaurant. 


Secondly, we think its necessary to extend the landscape around the new meeting points. It could be combination of large unused gardens areas that can merge into the green belt.


At last, new public transportations and roads should also be established around the new meeting points and thus meet the requirement of people’s daily life. 

If you have any suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to leave your comment!

Thank you!
Qianer Zhu

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