Initial prospects

In diesem Artikel erläutert die Studentin Alina ihre ersten Entwurfsansätze.

My analysis of Steinmauern showed that the village, like any village has borders, which are determined by history, employment of local residents and use of the territory.


Each adjoining green zone of Steinmauern, which shape the above boundaries, has a specific character:


In my design of future scenarios for Steinmauern I concentrate on two of these green zones:

  • the Waterway zone with a dam and
  • the Ecological sensitive zone along with pedestrian connections

The Waterway zone (Murg river area) is used by villagers. This part has a water landscape and potential pleasant places for recreation. Using water ressources and dam in this area may be transformed into a small farm near the water. The aspect of the territory would change in a better way and ressources could be used according to the principle of organic farming.


The sensitive territory with marshland needs attention from the villagers. This ecological area absorbs CO2 and accommodates a bird habitat. In order to get attention from the villagers it might become an ecological center with minimal impact on the landscape.

Hiking and foot paths interact with natural landscape, residential plots and automobile ways. A dense network of walking routes would result in varied and direct connections that could improve access to green open spaces.

фото пеш. узкие тротуары.png

Movement within the living area is uncomfortable because of the narrow sidewalks. Car sharing would decrease the number of cars on the roads and make an extension of the sidewalks possible.


Alina Muratova

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