Dynamischer Ort im Zentrum Steinmauerns

In diesem Beitrag erklärt Xiong seine Ideen für die Ortsmitte von Steinmauern.


Our vision for Steinmauern is to attract more people to live here and to have a dynamic social life. To realize this vision, we imagine Steinmauern to be a centralized village. This means, that people can gather in the central part, the Hoperwiesen, and have active communication and various possibilities for interaction.


Our analysis above shows all current public meeting points (red) and what we imagine for the future (orange). We envision a number of small public meeting points within the residential areas, which are not only connected to each other, but also have relations to the central part, the Hoperwiesen.


We imagine the central part as an energetic public meeting point combined with lots of functions:

  • Existing buildings could be transformed to leisure places like a café and a bar.
  • There could be a touristic center connected to the lake and forest in the North.
  • The original paths could be transformed into a bicycle route for both tourists and villagers, with benches and exhibitions along the road.
  • The kindergarten’s backyards could be used as an educational area for planting and ancient trees’ protection.

In conclusion, we envision a dynamic place for both old and young people in the heart of Steinmauern!

Please leave your comment if you have any advice or ideas.

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