Out from private

In diesem Beitrag erklärt die Studentin Alina ihre städtebaulichen Vertiefung

My vision to create lively public spaces for Steinmauern has become stronger after a second visit to the village.  Walking through a winter fairy tale, I once again met no one on the streets. Not even tracks in the snow 🙂


In Steinmauern each property has its own garden. Children play in a private enclosed area without much contact between each other. For the future I envision more communal green spaces.

One of them could be a park along the river Murg, where people can adopt their own little area for growing plants and take care of it with their children – the „Dam Park“.


Sketch section through the „Dam Park“ along the Murg

Location of the Dam Park

Another option to create communal spaces is to combine land (rear gardens and fields) across different ownership within the perimetres of a block or street. (see opportunities in red below)


The so formed new communal space might be adaptable to different situations: area for children and other recreational and meeting areas.


If you want to react on this I’d be pleased to read what you have to say!


2 Gedanken zu „Out from private

  1. The River Murg – more or less often – fills the whole streambed. So the dam parks would be damaged by and of these floods. That‘ s why I find, this is not feasible.


    1. Hello!
      Thank you very much for your response and attention to my work. According maps distance from the river to the dam about 27 meters and width wup to 12 meters. I thought it is enough to be not attentive to this fact.
      I do not have accurate information about the width of the river today on the Steinmauern territory and how far the river exceeds . If you possess this information, I will be grateful, and perhaps a way out of this situation would be one-sided park. The side, which goes to apartment houses.
      Thank you a lot again for interesting discussion)


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