Tourismuspotenzial von Steinmauern

Hier erklärt Chenjie ein weiteres Ziel ihrer Gruppenarbeit:

To attract more people to have activities here is always the main purpose of our project. Last time we’ve talked about to transform the central greenery to a dynamic park, today let’s have a view of tourism potential of Steinmauern.

We want to activate the potential by making use of the lake and forest in the northwest, which has been a place where people would like to be here to relax, as well as preserving the characteristic of “Flößer Dorf”. Here are some possibilities we have imagined:


  • Encouraging people to have an energy-saving life by adding a new bicycle route passing through all the landscape, which is both for villagers’ athletics and tourists’ sightseeing.
  • Creating a new bus line from the village to the lake and a new road to Rastatt to make it more convenient.
  • Some old houses which are too big for old people to live can be transformed to share some bedrooms to tourists like the form of AirBNB.
  • Historical exhibitions in the central greenery can be built based on original cultural attractions there.

In short, we want to make it an attractive and dynamic place for both villagers and tourists!

Please leave your comment if you have any advice or idea!

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