Out from private

In diesem Beitrag erklärt die Studentin Alina ihre städtebaulichen Vertiefung

My vision to create lively public spaces for Steinmauern has become stronger after a second visit to the village.  Walking through a winter fairy tale, I once again met no one on the streets. Not even tracks in the snow 🙂


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Initial prospects

In diesem Artikel erläutert die Studentin Alina ihre ersten Entwurfsansätze.

My analysis of Steinmauern showed that the village, like any village has borders, which are determined by history, employment of local residents and use of the territory.


Each adjoining green zone of Steinmauern, which shape the above boundaries, has a specific character:


In my design of future scenarios for Steinmauern I concentrate on two of these green zones:

  • the Waterway zone with a dam and
  • the Ecological sensitive zone along with pedestrian connections

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Feeling from Steinmauern

Die Studentin Alina Muratova erläutert ihre Erfahrungen aus Steinmauern und wie sie damit in Zukunft umgehen möchte.

During the walks through Steinmauern I noticed lots of large green areas, farms and gardens. Working on the development of rural communities the first question that came up is how we can safe this rural landscape.

With the expansion of Steinmauern people seem to lose the access to open green spaces. As a result people focus on their personal areas and don’t spend free time outdoors. Today the territory is characterized by a lack of public spaces and dominance of residential buildings.

Place identity and expansion

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